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Welcome to Summer Camp – this summer’s great Bible adventure.

This summer we are investing together to get God’s Word out in Hälsingland, Härjedalen, Jämtland and Medelpad. We will have a mobile Bible Camp. Everyone brings a tent, caravan, motorhome, motorcycle, car and bicycle and comes together to be a part of the mission – Handing out 200 000 Book of HOPE NT.


Register for Summer Camp

Register for Summer Camp!

This summer we are investing together to get God’s Word out in Hälsingland, Härjedalen, Jämtland and Medelpad. We will have a mobile Bible Camp. Everyone brings a tent, caravan, motorhome, motorcycle, car and bicycle and comes together to be a part of the mission – Handing out 200 000 Book of HOPE NT.

Throughout the months of June, July and August 2021, we will, together with local churches, distribute the Book of HOPP NT and the Book of HOPP for children. We will put the Book of HOPP NT in mailboxes around cities, villages and in the countryside. We are convinced that it is as the Word of God says, that it will not return without having worked, to which God has sent it.

summer 2021

The program for the day will be simple and efficient:

We will have Bible studies in the mornings. Then we pack the Book of HOPP NT in cellophane bags together with a postcard, with information about addresses of local churches.
We then go out to different areas where we distribute the Book of HOPP NT in mailboxes during afternoons and evenings. Some evenings and afternoons we also plan to have small outreaches and mini meetings at Coop and ICA in small communities.

Each participant is responsible for their own accomodation. In some of the places we will be, there is also the possibility to rent a room or a cottage. Some evenings we light barbecues, where everyone can grill what they want – and where we are just together and enjoying the community.

Join us this Summer and share Gods Word in Sweden. From June to August, this summer, we will hand out 200,000 The book of HOPE, a special New Testament with testimonies in the postboxes in Härjedalen, Hälsingland, Jämtland and Medelpad.

We will have a camp, where we will have Bible studies in the morning, then packing the Bibles. We will then go/drive out and hand out the Bibles in the postboxes.  You can see the film on:, to get some more information.

Right now, we are planning of accommodation during Summer-camp 2021. Some places are not yet completely ready, but the schedule looks like

24 May-04 June: Runemo Hälsingland (Limited number of places)
04 June-11 June Brogården Njutånger Hälsingland
June 11-June 30: Dellenbaden Hälsingland
June 30- July 11: Vemhån / Vemdalen, homestead Härjedalen (*)
July 11- July 30: Wilhelmsberg Jämtland
30 July- 08 Aug. Accommodation in the area around Stöde, Medelpad
08.aug- 22 aug. Medelpad (*)
Aug 22-Aug 29 Bänkåsviken Sundsvall / Medelpad

It is already possible to go in and register for accommodation during the weeks. There is a limited number of beds. Some are simpler sleeping lofts. There are also rooms of hostel standard in some places. It is possible to bring a motorhome, tent or caravans.

We primarily reserve the rooms for those who come several days, to participate in the Bible distribution.

When it comes to accommodation prices, they are not completely settled.
But the prices will be around: 100 Sek / bed / night in more bed’s rooms, 4-bed family room 400 Sek/ night and double room 350 Sek / night. Caravan site with electricity 175: – / night and without electricity 125: – / night. Tent ground 75 Sek / night. Where there is a sleeping loft SEK 75 / night (Accommodation only for participants in the Bible distribution)

* All accommodation must be booked in advance.
* Changes in times and places possible (will be updated on the website).
You can also send a request to

See our video

Join us at Summer Camp and be a Mail-box-missionary.

Start in hälsingland

We plan to start in Hälsingland, in the region Edsbyn, Alfta, Bollnäs and Söderhamn in early June. Then we head north. We are right now in Prayer, planning and conversations with local churches in the different areas.

Maybe you usually go with your family to a Christian conference in the summer. Since everything is a little different right now, maybe this summer you should bring your whole family and let your children be part of something bigger, a Bible mission in Sweden. Both young and old can come. You can also choose to work as a team with your family and perhaps another family. Or you can be part of a larger team that goes out in different areas.

You can make a pre-registration, which is not binding. With that, you help us to see how we should plan housing opportunities. If you have questions and concerns, you can reach us at the email-adresses underneath.

During July and August we proceed in Härjedalen, Jämtland and Medelpad.


The vision is very simple. It means that every Christian makes sure that the good news of Jesus reaches those living around him. One of the easiest ways to share your faith can be to simply drop a New Testament in your neighbors’ mailbox. Either with a personal greeting card or anonymously. The Book of Hope is a New Testament with 160 full color pages. It contains powerful life stories, prayers, information, and instructions on how to incorporate Jesus into your life. It is small and fits into any mailbox.
There are an estimated 4.5 million mailboxes in Sweden.

God’s word – to the Swedish people
The book of Hope distribution is currently underway in several locations in Sweden.
At the same time, the summer efforts are being prepared – June, July and August 2021.

Härjedalen, Hälsingland, Jämtland and Medelpad are this summer’s big summer camp outreaches.

We expect families, singles, teenagers, retirees, motorcyclists, and others. You are welcome to join us in Sweden.
The main purpose of the summer camp is to work with local churches, home groups and Christian organizations to distribute the Book of Hope in mailboxes in the above mentioned areas. Everyone can do something – pack, drive, pray and distribute. There will be times of Bible teaching, prayer, Bible distribution, singing, and fellowship.

Are you interested?
Follow the website: which will be updated permanently.
Would you like to help spread the word of God? You can donate to Bible for the Nations:

Reason for payment: Bibles for Sweden

If you want to make a bank transfer, please use the following account details:
Postbank Hamburg
IBAN DE57 4401 0046 0412 6204 62

Bible for the Nations e.V.
Aulkestrasse 28
D – 48734 Reken
Phone: +49 02864 882907
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If you have questions feel free to contact us:

I will register for Summer Camp

Who we are:

We are a small team working with the planning and implementation of initiatives in the distribution of the Book of Hope in various villages and communities in Sweden. Currently there are: Roul and Birgit Åkesson, BftN, Benny Gustafsson, pastor in Tranås.
A few more people are on their way to join the team. Behind this initiative stands Bible for the Nations, from which the Book of Hope emerged.
Chairman Roul Åkesson
Bible for the Nations e.V.
Aulkestrasse 28
48734 account of Germany

The Mailbox Mission is a network founded by Bible for the Nations to bring God’s Word to all homes in Sweden. It started at the beginning of October 2020 after the cross-hike with a wooden cross from Treriksröset in the north to Smygehuk in the south of Sweden. The management team consists of Roul and Birgit Åkesson / Benny Gustafsson.

Contact: Roul Åkesson + 46-709-314121
Contact: Benny Gustafsson + 46-70-787 54 72

 Together we reach Sweden with the message of Jesus Christ.